Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan: FREE weeks 1-12

Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan: FREE weeks 1-12


Not sure if our Advanced 24-Week Half Marathon training plan is for you?

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Are you ready to take the next step in your training and run a half marathon personal best? This is a free 12-week preview of our 24-week half marathon training plan. The advanced half-marathon training plan is 24 weeks long and is the right plan for you if:

  • you are used to running at least five days a week.
  • you are comfortable running 20 miles a week.
  • you have been running consistently for at least several years.
  • you have completed several half marathons.
  • you feel ready to commit to taking the next step in your training, with more advanced training strategies, including tempo runs, hill runs, and running at your goal race pace.
  • you have no active injuries or any other health issues.

The half marathon training plan starts at a weekly mileage load of 20 miles, and gradually peaks at 44 miles. The program explains the specifics of each training run and pace in detail; however, you will need to determine your goal race pace, tempo pace, and easy pace, using one of the many pace calculators available online.